Did you know…….       我们资深的经验丰富的设计师,来自国际膳食顾问的专业成员及技术支持,来自国内外知名的餐饮运营专家,为我们客户做出最佳的餐饮方案 。
       时至今日,我们在国内厨房顾问公司中大型商用厨房设计领域的业绩有目共睹,我们也发现厨房顾问只能设计厨房这是远远不够的,我们新组建了餐饮运营专家团队,我们在为客户提供厨房设计的同时更多的考虑后期实际运营的普适性,便利性,兼容性,这是我们多年来观察项目建设团队和项目运营管理团队之间的问题而得出的结论。我们一直致力于中国食品概念的研究和推进,尤其是餐饮业的可持续性发展,而我们也走在了国内配餐团膳,酒店度假村,中央厨房,企事业单位,教育等领域的餐饮在最前沿 。 

Our experienced designers are professional consultants members from Foodservice Consultants Society International ( FCSI), and well-known foodservice operation experts from home and abroad, making the best foodservice design layouts and operation plans for our customers. Our research and projects in the professional field gave us the confidence that we can provide customers with consultations on kitchen and Laundry design. Our consultancy services par excellence include airports, offices, hotels, social catering, public dining, sports, universities, K-12, kindergartens, nursing homes for the elderly, health care, group catering, catering centers, research and development kitchens, food production lines (retail and wholesale).
Currently our excellent work and performance in the foodservice consultancy field has earned its well deserved reputation in the industry.
Over the years, we have observed the problems between the project construction team and the project operation management team, we realized that proper kitchen design is only half the equation, hence we have set up a new catering operation team of experts, such that we can provide customers with kitchen operation management to support work efficiency after the kitchen has been built. 
We are committed to the advancement and especially the sustainability of foodservice in China. We are leaders  in the domestic catering group meals,  resorts, central kitchens, enterprises/institutions, education and other fields of catering.